by Rod McCoy

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A narrative story of a woman who fell in love with the man of her dreams, better yet, a shell of who this man really was. After reaching the highest point of their relationship, on the daily she was brought down to the lowest. The man that was once her everything, had now become only the father of her son and her constant nightmare. When hustling defines your income there's always a risk of demise. Bullets have no name and the streets have no referees. For one reason or another, this woman's boyfriend had his life taken and her conscious was left in a constant battle of emotions. Bittersweet was the thought of her son's father losing his life; in one hand, the only man she has known is now gone - in the other, so is her dictator and abuser. Constantly she questions how she "should" feel but who's to provide the answer?


I know she hates to see her son's father go
but the floral paint ain't quite dark no more
said he loved her real hard, but it was hard to show
now her face bloody cause his hands sharp fasho'
It was give me this and give me that, that's all she know
had to break him off and fix him up from start to close
from when the sun rise, til the stars they glow
and the lights go down and the doors get closed
and that boy cried everyday right along with ma' dukes
thinking in his head "imma serve this nigga my dukes"
show him what he taught me since he was my role model
keep a hand on that work and ya chic like coke bottles
white girl was his mistress, used to move coke by loads
bread in his pocket, yes suh talking bout loaves
til them boys came with hammers like they stopped by Lowe's
his last chapter like Revelation in Bibles

She said it's hard to explain,
it's bittersweet and it even hurts to admit that it's pain [x4]

She sat down and had a conversation
with the Shepard of the flock round her location
and she carefully broke down her obligation
to the man she fell in love with then learned to hate him
way back then when other women had to chase him
well they always did, but then she had to race them
til' they had a little boy then they had to raise him
somehow that love dried up like a Cali raisin
things gradually got worse at the days went
but she stayed by his side, love made a statement
when that static came up, she ain't change the station
she was host to a monster from the darkest places
and for days she prayed that she would find relief
just never thought that death would get the finder's fee
thought he'd change in time if he chose honestly
heart torn as the soul of her son's father sleeps

She said it's hard to explain,
it's bittersweet and it even hurts to admit that it's pain [x4]


released November 16, 2013
production: J1K
mixing: Rod Goldsmith
mastering: Zach Miller
cover art: Pathetic Pixels



all rights reserved


Rod McCoy Atlanta, Georgia

Easily one of smoothest artists within the city limits of Atlanta, GA – Rod McCoy is an BMI affiliated emcee/songwriter, as well as the Founder of the independent, Audible Hustle Entertainment record label.

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